5 Black Children’s Books to Read for Christmas This Year
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Tis’ the season — with Christmas getting closer, this is the perfect time to begin reading holiday stories to your children.

Sure, there are plenty of classic books out there that will get your kids in the Christmas spirit, but unless you know what you’re looking for, the books for Black children can be hard to find.

Today, there are plenty of options to consider when thinking about finding the perfect children’s books for little brown readers.

Here’s a list of great Christmas books for Black kids and where to find them:

The Night Before Christmas by Rachel Isadora

We’ve all heard of the story A Night Before Christmas, but Rachel Isadora writes and illustrated it with an African twist. This version is filled with distinctive black toys and a Santa Claus with locs, making this relatable to Black culture.


Santa Claus is Coming to The Town by Thomishia Booker

This poetic and colorful story provides little readers with a feeling of nostalgia. This book will definitely t the whole family in the Christmas spirit! Taking place in Oakland, California, this story of yet another Black Santa celebrating and parading the magic of Christmas will have your children captivated!


Soulful Holidays by Ciara L. Hill

This family-oriented book is easy to read and filled with rhymes you kids will never forget! This book written by Ciara L. Hill highlights food, music and culture, and it can give children a sense of pride in being Black!


I Got the Christmas Spirit by Connie Schofield Morrison

This beautiful black story explores the simple joys of the holiday season. It focuses on a little black girl’s encounter with Santa himself. She gets the opportunity to tell him her Christmas wish for peace and love. This story is great for helping to teach children the meaning of Christmas.


A Very Noisy Christmas by Tim Thornborough

This story by Tim Thornborough retells the Nativity Story and explores the idea of this “silent night” not being so silent! A Very Noisy Christmas is perfect for those looking to introduce the birth of Jesus to their children.