After Own Struggles, Mom of 3 Launches Skincare Line to Help Other Families
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Tiffany Henderson only wanted an answer for her daughters’ dry skin. 

She didn’t expect the solution to be her own handmade products.  

As infants, Henderson’s children suffered from eczema. Their skin wouldn’t retain moisture, and the girls were often very itchy and sometimes even scabbed up. 

It pained her to see them go through it. 

“I felt the worst in that moment. You know how you’re a mom, you want to do everything correct and right. I was like why isn’t this working, my baby’s crying and itchy.” 

Tiffany Henderson, Founder of Noli Skin Care

No matter what she tried, she said nothing relieved them. Products with fragrance made the eczema worse. 

“It wasn’t working,” said Henderson. “It got to the point where I had to wash (my daughter) in just water.” 

Recreationally, Henderson had experience creating her own body butters and creams. She made them for herself, her friends and her family. 

After her continuous search to relieve her children’s eczema, her husband suggested she try whipping something up for them. 

And – it worked. 

Henderson was at first skeptical. If other brands aren’t working, what could my products do?, she thought. 

In 2021 after seeing how her homemade butter soothed her daughters’ skin, she took the biggest risk of her life, left her job and launched Noli Skin Care

Made for sensitive skin, Henderson’s online shop features an assortment of butters and balms safe and effective for the whole family. While her original butter is fragrance free, even her scented options are gentle. 

Henderson is a mom of three; her daughters are 8, 5 and 1. She breastfeeds her youngest and uses her fragrance-free butter on her own skin. 

Years of research helped her select nourishing, allergy-friendly ingredients to craft Noli Skin Care products. 

“It’s something I want to share because it’s helped our family.

“I don’t use shea butter, and I don’t use coconut oil,” said Henderson, whose focus was sealing in moisture. “I use all fruit butters and avocado and sunflower oil.” 

Before Noli Skin Care, Henderson worked full time in social work. 

Although her venture with Noli saw her working much longer hours preparing for launch, she wasn’t as stressed. Her anxiety attacks also stopped. 

“This is something I’m doing because I like it, I know it, I know it could help people,” Henderson said. “It’s something I want to share because it’s helped our family. I’m really overworking myself, but I’m not stressed. 

“Who knew?”

Starting a skincare brand shows how motherhood inspired Henderson. Noli was born from necessity, but her daughters gain from watching her run a company. 

They attend handmade markets with her and are often excited to come home from school and help blend butters, bonnets and gloves on hand.  

“They really are the driving force behind it,” Henderson said about her children. “Honestly, there are so many things I would not have done if I didn’t have kids, because my kids made me more confident.” 

Aside from empowering her own family, Henderson hopes Noli Skin Care does the same for others. Educating has also been a pillar of her business. 

She’s been there and wants other moms to know there is a solution – even if it doesn’t come from her shop. 

“I list all of my ingredients,” Henderson said about her transparency. “Take those ingredients and make it yourself. I want people to be so empowered to help their own family and to know these are the ingredients I chose and this is why I chose it.

“If your family is experiencing these symptoms or they have dry skin, this is why I use this, and if this is the same for you, then you can go and make it yourself as well.”

Henderson’s daughters have taken her on a journey. While she enjoyed making products for those closest to her, she never thought she’d make a business out of it. 

But children have a knack for it. They’ll inspire you to step outside your comfort zone, and it’s often for the better.

Motivated by helping her daughters, Henderson has found a new passion in hydrating and beautifying delicate skin.