New Jersey New Year Twins Born in Different Years
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One set of New Year’s babies will have a great birthday story to tell. These twins were born on different days — and different years.

New Jersey mother Eve welcomed twin boys before and after midnight in 2023 and in 2024 at Virtua Voorhees Hospital.

Twins Ezekial, left, and Ezra were born before and after midnight in 2023 and 2024. Photo Courtesy of Virtua Health

Older twin Ezra was born at 11:48 on New Year’s Eve, while his brother Ezekial arrived at 12:28 on New Year’s Day. Their father Billy shares a NYE birthday with Ezra, and the parents’ oldest child turns 3 on Jan. 3.

The family’s hospital, Virtua Voorhees, was among the first in New Jersey to pilot the TeamBirth initiative in support of health equity and open communication.

The family of five live in Merchantville, New Jersey, and have much to celebrate in the New Year.