3 Ways to Help Keep Kids Safe in Cold Weather
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Cold weather presents a number of challenges for parents when it comes to keeping their kids safe. There’s much more chance of a slip and fall, there’s more sickness around and there’s often less visibility (either due to the weather or because the sun sets earlier than in the summer), meaning accidents can be more likely. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some plans in place to keep your kids safe in cold weather so they can still go outside and get some fresh air and stay protected at the same time.

Properly Layer for the Car

Having a big, thick winter jacket isn’t a bad idea; it’s certainly something that’s going to keep your kids warm. However, when it comes to safety, it might not be the best option, and layering could be the skill you need to learn. 

It comes down to your car seat. If your child is wearing a thick coat in the car, the straps of their car seat aren’t going to be tight enough (even if they seem like they are), which means that if there’s an accident, they might not be kept safe in their seat. It’s better to take the jacket off and stick to a few layers instead. Not only is it safer, but it’s more comfortable too. 

Buy Quality Winter Clothes

Of course, your children aren’t going to be in the car all the time, so if you want them to get the most out of breathing in that fresh, crisp winter air, you’ll need to invest in some quality winter clothes. That way, they’ll stay outside for longer and get all the benefits that the outdoors and nature offers them. 

The kids will need a coat or jacket (but remember, if you’re layering, it doesn’t need to be too thick), gloves, a hat, a scarf, and some thick socks too. It’s also wise to buy some reflective belts so they can be seen in low light. When they’re all bundled up nice and warm, they’ll feel more like being outside and running around, which is great for their health. Don’t forget to get yourself some good winter gear like men’s thermal gloves from HeatHolders as well, as that means you can supervise for as long as you need to as well, and not have to cut your kids’ fun short because you got too cold. 

Keep Them Fed Property

Of course, although clothing is crucial when it comes to staying safe in winter, there are other things to be aware of, and one of those things is good nutrition. 
Cold weather can lead to dehydration, so keeping the kids topped up with water is important. When it’s chilly, water might not be something that holds all that much appeal. That’s why food becomes so crucial. By feeding your kids warming meals like soup, broth, and stew or casserole, you can keep them hydrated and well-nourished when it’s cold, and the food will be comforting and tasty, especially if you make it yourself, so they’ll be happy to eat it.