Clinton College To Offer Free Tuition For Full-Time Students This Fall
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Clinton College, both a Christian and historically Black institution, has made a major decision to make tuition free for full-time students during the 2021-22 school year.

The cost of the college’s tuition is $4,960 a semester and $9,920 yearly. Just before the move was made to completely cut tuition, Clinton College told students it was reducing fall tuition by half.  

“We want to make sure you can perform with excellence without excuse,” said the school’s president Lester McCorn when he recently announced the news. “At Clinton College, we have done our best to keep the school moving forward and providing quality education, even in a virtual environment.”

This school is striving to ensure that its students get a good education despite experiencing financial problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. All students that are vaccinated are allowed to live on campus but will still have to pay full room and board. 

And not only is this year free, but the school threw in a Microsoft Surface laptop at no cost. 

Clinton College isn’t the only school offering tuition-free semesters. South Carolina’s Spartanburg Community College is offering similar benefits to students that enrolled in at least six credit hours. 

Clinton College has been operating for 125 years and was established by the African Methodist Episcopal Church during the Reconstruction years to help emancipated slaves with illiteracy.