‘Comeback Coach’ Helps Mothers Drowning in Depression Find Themselves
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I’m Laray and people call me the Comeback Coach.  

I help mothers come back from depression and gain the clarity, courage, and confidence to create the life of their dreams. 

I speak to so many women who once felt like capable and accomplished individuals who were thriving in their lives before they had children; but, upon becoming mothers, they feel sad, lost, and reduced to living a life where they’re barely hanging on. I work with them because I understand the pain they’re feeling because I’ve been there myself. 

Three out of five women of color suffer from postpartum depression

I had just laid my daughter down for a nap when my mom called. I told her how sad, stuck, and frustrated I felt. We have a figure of speech in my hometown: “it’s so bad I could go over the bridge.” There are countless bridges where I lived. I never expected my mom to say what she said next. She told me about something horrific that happened that morning just miles away. 

A mother was driving her three children to school when she stopped her car, got out, and walked to the edge of the bridge, intending to jump. In a moment, she tried to come back but tragically fell. We found out she had been suffering with depression. 

When I heard her story, it hit hard.  

I knew how the mother on the bridge had felt — it could have been me. 

This news broke my heart. It was a breaking point for me. I knew I had to get my fight back.  

But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find anyone to help me.   

Then, one day I found myself in a bookstore and I asked the associate to point me towards books on postpartum depression. When she showed me what was available, I looked around and told her that none of the books had been written by anyone who looked like me nor anyone that I could relate to. 

I’ll never forget what she said to me.  She said: “Then why don’t you write one yourself?”  

So, that’s exactly what I did; I released my book three months later. Authoring the book was like therapy. It helped me to understand what was happening in my mind. I trust myself and know I’ll never go over the bridge. 

I meet so many mothers who feel that the person they used to be is slipping away and each day is a battle trying to reclaim parts of who they were. 

I’m the Comeback Coach – and I can be the one to help you come back too. I work with you in a faith-based way. We work on creating clarity so you can continue with courage and the confidence to make your comeback. There’s no better time to start. I’m here for you.  

Laray Dyer is a mental health strategist based in Atlanta, Ga., helping mothers cope with postpartum depression through faith. Connect with me on Instagram at @laraydyer