10 LGBTQ-related books for Black Children
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Now that it is officially Pride Month, you may see parades, rainbow flags, various celebrations, and even historic people or moments LGBTQ+ community highlighted throughout June.

From movies, television shows, concerts, podcasts, and books created to cater to this group, be ready for extra content for them this month. 

The beauty of it all is that some of this content has its subgenres. There is no question that all the categories of the LGBTQ+ community are important, but black families need the content more than ever. 

Black representation is key for the Black community in general, especially for children. Black kids need to see all types of parents to get the full scope of life. This also goes for children who don’t have same-sex parents. Here, we’ve put together a list of books that can change the perspective and provide a deeper understanding.

1. King and the Dragonflies by Kacen Callender

This book follows a young man named Kingston James on his life adventure in a small Louisiana town. This story is focused on the search for his missing friend, but still highlights his curiosity about sexuality

2. When Aidan Became a Brother by Kyle Lukoff

Kyle Lukoff writes a simple but a powerful piece about a child named Aiden who is a transgender boy. It follows him on his journey of becoming a big brother. Again, another story highlighting the LGBTQ community without making the entire book about it.

3. Julián Is a Mermaid By Jessica Love

This book digs into the exploration of self-love and model representation of different adults kids can see when they are out in the real world. The main character Julian is mesmerized by the women he sees wearing flashy colors and wants to do the same. Jessica’s love displays full-blown self-love and individuality in this children’s book.

4. Baby’s First Words by Stella Blackstone 

The tale of two dads raising a baby. A very simple children’s book, it’s great for really young ages. 

5. Rainbow: A First Book of Pride by Michael Genhart

A book that beautifully displays different types of LGBTQ families present across the world. It also shows the colorful meaning behind each rainbow stripe on the Pride Flag. 

6. Two Dads are Better Than One by K.C. Eckels 

This tells the story of Suzie who has two dads. “Two Dads are Better Than One” has cute rhyme schemes and colorful imagery. This gives children the opportunity to see how all families have their similarities regardless.  

7. A Church for All by Gayle E. Pittman 

This book offers a new spin to church culture where all ages, races, gender identities and sexual orientations are welcomed. 

8. Keesha’s South African Adventure by Bey-Clarke

Keesha’s two moms take her on a trip to South Africa for her birthday. This book teaches about diverse landscapes, cultures and the people of South Africa. 

9. Love is Love by Michael Genhart

The main character is being bullied at school and told that his family isn’t real because he has two dads. He soon discovers that his close friends’ parents, consisting of a mom and a dad, are very similar to his parents. The theme is gentle and very straight to the point about what makes a family. 

10.  Why Do I Have Two Mommies? by Janai Akerele 

Angel goes on a journey to find answers about her family. She wants to understand why she has two mothers. Author Janai Akerele features a large range of diverse characters that vary in race, gender and orientation.