The 3 Simple Ways to Get Through Your Child’s Seasonal Illness
Reading Time: 2 minutes

If there is one part of parenting that is really stressful, it’s when the children become sick. When our child falls ill, it’s not just overwhelming but it can be an emotionally challenging experience, too. With concerns about their well-being and disruptions to daily routines, there’s a lot to consider to navigate this properly. Here are some actionable tips on how to deal with the stresses when your kids are sick during cold and flu season:

Equip Yourself with the Right Knowledge

Part of the reason we feel so overwhelmed when our kids get sick is partly to do with the lack of sleep we get, but also the fact that we feel powerless to help them in certain ways. Sometimes it makes a lot more sense to have a practical approach to illnesses. From knowing how to dress them when they have a fever to understanding what temperatures constitute a fever, when you start to learn about the potential causes, symptoms, as well as the appropriate home care measures you will feel a lot more in control of the situation. We should always keep ourselves informed about when or when not to seek medical attention. Administering basic first aid is another thing that can make a big difference as well because as parents when we feel like the stress of the unknown is too much to bear, having a number of the most basic approaches to dealing with illness can reduce our anxiety.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

When a child is unwell, our instinct can be to go to the worst-case scenarios. This is particularly true with our first child because it’s all brand new, and we just want them to be healthy and happy. A lot of the time it’s just the fact that our kids have a cold or a virus of some sort, and when we’re trying to keep the house going as well, creating a comfortable and cozy space with their favorite blankets, pillows, and items, as well as free rein of the television, can make a big difference so you can put some laundry on but also will contribute to our child’s overall well-being. Sometimes if we are creating a stressful environment, this doesn’t aid in speedy recovery. On the other hand, focusing on rest and recuperation will make for a far more comfortable environment for them to heal.


Effective communication is also key when dealing with illnesses. If your child is old enough to express themselves, encourage them to share how they’re feeling and explain to them what you’re trying to do to help get them better. Our children can feel very anxious when they’re unwell and we all have that feeling that maybe we will get better anytime soon, and this is why we’ve got to create that overall relaxing environment and reassure them that it’s okay to feel unwell and that we are there to support and care for them.

Navigating child illnesses is tough, but learning to stay calm, having the right knowledge, and ensuring we provide a supportive environment can help us all deal with the stresses of our children being unwell.