7 maternal health resources for Black moms
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Carrying a child is a life-changing event that carries a lot of weight for most women. You’re preparing to welcome a human into this world.

A heroic feat its own, add that to giving birth during an ongoing pandemic and one of the largest revolutions of our time.

This is a big deal.

Understanding the facts when it comes to the Black maternal health crisis is more important now than ever before, as women prepare to deliver under unthinkable circumstances.

Simply having access to the information can serve as a great benefit. We’re learning more about what’s going on in delivery rooms and other facets of maternal health.

The more we know, the better we can take care of ourselves.

There are several organizations and other kinds of groups working toward improving Black maternal health and justice. Here are just a few for you to bookmark:

Black Mamas Matter Alliance

This Black-women led group focuses on policy change, cultivating research and advanced care for Black mothers as a means to shift the culture. BMMA works for the respect, rights and resources to see them thrive before, during and after pregnancy.

This year marked its third annual Black Maternal Health Week, which was designed to further strengthen Black maternal health through building awareness, activism and community fellowship.

Hey Doc Let’s Chat Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Carine Ange Tagni and Dr. Phindile Erika Chowa, this show discusses women’s health.

The doctors analyze the cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic factors that contribute to disparities in healthcare. These discussions are aimed toward empowering women, especially women of color, to live healthier lives.

NATAL Stories Podcast

This new podcast is all about having a baby while Black in America.

The eight-episode docuseries features Black parents sharing their stories about pregnancy, birth and postpartum care to empower others with information and resources.

You’ll also hear from healthcare professionals this season.

National Association to Advance Black Birth

This nonprofit is dedicated to helping Black women throughout the birthing process by providing advocacy, support and programs.

The goal of NAABB is to improve the birthing experience and treatment of Black women.

By fighting the longstanding effects of systemic racism in maternal health, the organizations seeks to improve Black birth outcomes.

National Black Midwives Alliance

Designed to raise awareness about Black midwives, this member-supported program works to eliminate disparities in maternal health.

National Birth Equity Collaborative

The goal of this organization is to create solutions to optimize Black maternal and infant health.

It works to create training, policy advocacy, research and community-centered collaboration to ensure Black mothers and babies thrive.

Sista Midwife Productions

This directory connects Black birth workers with families who need them.

Here are additional reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Partnership for Women and Families.