7 Ways To Establish A Routine With Your Kids
Reading Time: 3 minutes

All parents want to ensure their kids’ health and well-being are as good as possible, but this isn’t always so straightforward. Whether it’s going to sleep on time, bathing or ensuring they get enough exercise, it feels like there’s never any time to do anything else. One way to make things easier is to establish a routine that kids can learn and embrace. But how can parents introduce a routine and make it stick? 

Tell Them What’s Happening 

Parental transparency is one of the most effective ways to establish a routine with your kids. You need to be honest with them about what’s happening and what they are doing so they don’t make other plans or even resist an activity or appointment when you tell them at the last minute. 

Informing them about days out, and visiting family or the doctor can give them time to prepare. You can also use this opportunity to answer any questions or alleviate fears they might have to ensure they feel comfortable. 

Make Checkups Fun 

No one likes going to the doctor or dentist, but these are crucial for maintaining excellent health. You shouldn’t have to force your kids out of the house, either, and it will be easier to get them on board if you make dentist visits more fun. 

Turning trips into games or offering rewards if they behave themselves is one way to mitigate any problems you could encounter. You can also combine appointments with other activities, such as days out at their favorite park. 

Reward Consistency 

Consistency is key for establishing a routine, but children often don’t recognize the benefits of brushing their teeth or bathing every day. Parents can set up reward systems that provide an incentive to do everything they need before bed. 

The more they do these activities every day, the more you’ll be able to reward them. You can’t just give them a treat for brushing their teeth once. They need to show consistency. Eventually, it will become normal and they won’t need to remember to do everything. 

Help Them Understand Delayed Gratitude 

Kids can struggle with time management, especially with homework projects. As a parent, you must teach them to understand delayed gratitude. They might want to play with their friends right after school or go on their computer, but they shouldn’t do this until they’ve done everything else. 

Remind them to finish their homework before they play any games, as this will encourage them to work through it. However, you don’t want them to rush it and do it half-heartedly, so check afterward to ensure they’ve done everything correctly. 

Eat Together 

Eating dinner together is a fantastic opportunity to bond and learn about each other’s day. It also ensures your kids eat at regular intervals to ensure they can manage their time better after school. If you set seven p.m. as their dinner time, they know they have enough time to finish their homework before dinner. Afterward, they can do whatever they want. 

Your kids can also take this lesson with them for the rest of their lives. They will recognize that a consistent dinner time makes it easier to plan their evenings and they will share the same approach with their kids. 

Set Their Bedtime 

It can feel impossible to get kids to go to bed sometimes, even if they’re so tired that they struggle to stay awake anyway. A strict bedtime offers a wide range of benefits during childhood. It ensures they get enough sleep and should wake up at the right time to get ready for school the next day. 

Of course, you can’t always know your kids are asleep without checking on them regularly. But if you’re worried about them playing on their phone or tablet, keep these devices downstairs once bedtime comes around. 

Turn Everyday Essentials Into a Game

If you struggle to get kids to clean their teeth, tidy their room, or take a bath or shower, you can turn these everyday essentials into a game. There are many ways to make bathtime fun by encouraging them to create stories. The same goes for cleaning their room. Instead of forcing them to pick everything up and put their toys away, put on some music and have a dance party. Your kids will be more likely to enjoy these chores if they feel like they are having fun. 

Establish a Routine 

You know how hard it is to help kids get organized and stick to a routine that benefits them. Thankfully, this advice can help you establish a consistent and successful routine that will help your kids do everything they need and still have plenty of time to have fun.