Baby Dove launches Black Doula Directory to Help Empower Birthing Families
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Baby Dove is helping to remove barriers Black families face when seeking doula care.

The skin-care brand has partnered with Sista Midwife Productions in launching the Black Doula Directory, a national resource that gives birthing people access to doulas in the United States, Canada, Australia, England and Germany. 

The largest directory of its type already features more than 1,000 Black doulas, and Baby Dove hopes to double the list of qualified members by April of 2024. 

The Black Doula Directory showcases Baby Dove’s commitment to closing the maternal health gap; Black women are three to five times more likely to die from childbirth than white women. 

Doula support helps decrease birth complications and increase positive health outcomes for birthing moms. 

Nicole Deggins, the founder of Sista Midwife Productions, has seen how Black doulas improve birthing experiences.

Black doula holds pelvic figure while talking to pregnant Black mom on couch.
Doulas help families navigate maternal health decisions.

Deggins, who started the New Orleans-based birth advocacy training and consulting agency, knows the challenges Black moms face in finding and selecting a doula. 

“Choosing a doula is an important yet tough decision, and many families cite financial costs as a potential barrier,” she said. “We recommend that families visit the directory and begin the search using their state.” 

Deggins then suggested narrowing down the list by your closest metropolitan city and to interview at least three doulas before committing. There is a contact form connected to the Black Doula Directory.

At Baby Dove, we believe Black moms have the right to superior care at every step of their journey, which means making quality care accessible and affordable is a top priority in closing the Black maternal care gap in the U.S.

Neha Minj, Baby Dove Brand Director

The directory isn’t the only instance Baby Dove has helped connect Black families with doula care. 

In partnership with Black Mamas Matter Alliance, Baby Dove in 2021 launched the Black Birth Equity Fund. It awarded 190 Black birthing people a $1,300 grant for doula services. 

Amin Bell was one of the recipients, who said she felt supported both emotionally and mentally by her doula. 

“Sometimes when receiving care from clinical midwives or OBs, it feels impersonal and rushed…,” Bell said. “With my doula, I was able to have a more personalized experience to my individual needs. She was a great tool and support person for questions about conversations or updates that I didn’t understand during prenatal visits. 

“My doula, my partner and I worked together as a team.” 

Baby Dove has since invested $650,000 in the Black Birth Equity Fund, which will help some 500 mothers like Bell access doula care. 

Qualified birth workers who are interested in being added to the Black Doula Directory can make a request online

“Having access to qualified Black doulas can allow for Black moms and birthing families to be even more empowered to make decisions about their birthing experience and care,” Deggins said


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