Baby Dove Health Experts Share Summer Skincare Tips
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Caring for your baby’s skin can differ during the summer months, and melanin-rich skin often deserves special attention during this time.

Black babies and babies with darker skin are prone to some skincare conditions, such as hyperpigmentation and eczema.

Two board-certified dermatologists and a pediatrician from Baby Dove shared their personal tips to improve your baby’s summer routine, including skincare and how sleep and stress play a role. They also highlighted which Baby Dove products to add to your regime, including Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Hypoallergenic wash and lotion

It’s made with 100% natural ingredients and is a great choice for helping protect your baby’s skin. 

The tear-free and hypoallergenic wash is lightweight and gentle and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft without dyes or parabens. You can also use it in hair. 

The pH-neutral lotion is delicately scented and acts as a great seal after the wash. 

They can be used together daily to retain moisture throughout the hot season; don’t forget a broad-spectrum sunscreen before heading out, too.

Dr. Latanya Benjamin on Melanin-Rich Skin 

“Babies with melanin-rich skin deserve special attention and require care for their specific need. While melanin provides benefits such as offering natural sun protection. We know one drawback in melanin-rich skin is that it leads to visible dryness and flaking. African American newborns can be prone to sensitivity of the skin. Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Hypoallergenic Wash and Lotions help retain baby’s natural skin moisture and soothes dry skin from the first use. Remember, not all skin types are the same.” 

Dr. Benjamin is a double board-certified dermatologist, fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Dr. Syeda Amna Husain on Sleep as it Relates to Skincare 

“Sleep is one topic I often discuss on my platforms. Keeping your baby comfortable in a safe sleep environment is crucial and you could be overlooking their largest organ – their skin. Itchy skin can disrupt a baby’s sleep cycle. As a pediatrician and mom, I often discuss the importance of setting a bedtime routine getting ready for sleep. Bath time can be a relaxing and bonding activity to do just that. Baby Dove’s Rich Hypoallergenic wash and lotion help retain baby’s natural skin moisture and soothe dry skin from the first use. Interestingly, four out of five parents switch to baby Dove when they try it. You can see for yourself why parents made the switch by visiting your local Target and Walmart.” 

Dr. Husain is a board-certified concierge pediatrician and children’s book author who has been featured as a NJ News 12 health expert and American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson. 

Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky on Stress and Skincare

“Sleep for a baby is so important, especially when it comes to baby’s skin. Stress can increase cortisol levels, but sleep keeps those levels low, which allows skin to heal properly. Here are my three dermatologist approved tips to help improve baby’s sleep and skin: 

Tip #1

End each night with a bath time routing using lukewarm water and products that are gentle on the skin, like Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Hypoallergenic Wash, which is ultra-gentle and tear free and replenishes essential moisture.  

Tip #2

Apply a soothing hydrating moisturizer immediately after bathing onto damp skin like Rich Moisture Lotion from Baby Dove. It helps to retain baby’s natural skin moisture and soothe dry skin. 

Tip #3

Use a humidifier in the bedroom to help add moisture content to the air and prevent dark skin.” 

Dr. Zubritsky is a board-certified dermatologist practicing on the Gulf Coast, and her own baby skincare content as a mother has been featured in Real Simple, Forbes, Marie Claire and Bustle