Inspire your child’s creative energy with these vibrant Chalkola chalk markers
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The demands of pandemic parenting are sadly near normal for me. 

Between working and mothering full time from home, it’s hard to remember what life was like right before this time last year. 

And because my family is still avoiding public spaces as much as we can (my poor babies, we haven’t been anywhere), one of my jobs is finding creative ways to keep my children engaged and happy through the monotony. Our collection of art supplies, games, puzzles and other random knick-knacks seems to have doubled since last year as I continue to scramble to keep an 18-month-old and 4-year-old busy. 

Well, I’ve found something new to do the trick with these Chalkola chalk markers.

Let’s just say effortless fun. 

What’s Chalkola?

Chalkola is an art company helping us live vibrantly with its variety of markers and other colorful art tools. The smooth and bright chalk markers are its best seller, but Chalkola offers other products that inspire creativity for people of all ages. 

My child’s creative expression was activated as soon as we opened our 40-pack box of chalk markers. She was curious about how they worked, and she quickly noticed that they were unlike any other markers in her possession. 

We also got the rustic Chalkola chalkboard.

Trying out the chalk markers and chalkboard 

These multi-purpose chalk pens combine traditional chalk and paint into one convenient package. They work best on chalkboards, white boards, windows, glass and other non-porous surfaces where you can display vibrant artwork. 

Since my children are younger, I worried about the cleanup with these liquid markers. When my oldest, more independent daughter uses her dry erase board or chalkboard with chalk, she can easily erase it and start new artwork.

Though the chalk markers dry fast and can be easily wiped clean from whichever surface you use, I chose to let the kids use them on the windows because of the large surface area. 

My 4-year-old daughter loved exploring all the colors in the 40-pack box of Chalkola chalk markers.

The 40-pack includes 30 chalk colors and 10 metallic colors, so it kept my little ones going back to the box. Yep, my 1-year-old also participated in our window art project. Her hands got super messy, but the water-based, non-toxic markers came right off of her little hands in the bath. 

The markers were especially smooth on the window and worked great with the chalkboard. You have to give them a good shake to get started, and then gently — emphasis on gently — press the reversible tip down to release more liquid.

Bonus: speedy delivery allowed us to quickly get started with the fun!

But is it really worth it? 

So the chalk marker features are great, but as a parent, I value the benefits a little more. 

For starters, my oldest was literally using with them for an hour and a half. If you’re still in the throes of pandemic parenting like me, then you know why this is important. 

She drew a colorful, springtime-inspired display across the bay windows in our kitchen and made sure to sketch a matching companion piece in the window panel by the front door. 

Just need chalk markers and a window for hours of fun!
40-pack of Chalkola chalk markers with the rustic chalkboard

The little artist made flowers and trees on the chalkboard. She loves arts and crafts, so the Chalkola set was a great addition to our ever-growing supplies. We’ve since used them for other art projects, too.  

And I guess I saved the best for last: she was in a great mood! My 4-year-old enjoyed creating the different scenes and explaining her process to me. She loved the assortment of colors, and I love how her imagination was inspired in a refreshing light. I mean, an hour and a half. 

In the world of pandemic parenting, that’s more than priceless.

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