3 reasons to try Chalkola dot markers
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Remember before the pandemic when a new box of crayons was kinda like a luxury for children? At least it felt that way with my 4-year-old.

Every few months, I could bring home a new box of markers or crayons and the excitement would last weeks at a time. She didn’t get tired of me pulling out the various boxes and colors.

Until Covid-19 happened.

When I got stuck at home having to balance work and children, I utilized every box of crayons, markers, pens and chalk I could find. And it got tired real quick.

I retired some of our art supplies and rotated them out as the ongoing pandemic stretched on.

Today, we’re still dealing with it, and anything refreshing I could bring to the table, I’m game.

Enter Chalkola dot markers. We recently got our hands on these, and it was a box of supplies that held her attention.

Here are three reasons this pandemic mama loves them.

Child-friendly design

The chunky dot markers are thick enough for young hands to easily grip and remove the cap. I was able to leave my daughter with the 10-pack dot marker box, and she handled her own as I got some work done. The waterproof markers are non-toxic, odor free and easy to wash out, so her colorful hands weren’t an issue to clean.

Worth noting: I forgot to give her a clipboard the first time, but the color didn’t bleed through to my table, thank goodness.

They’re available in both bright and shimmer tones, and we used the bright.

The user-friendly design provides a sense of independence and pride, too.

Going for the next Chalkola dot marker

Of Chalkola’s assortment of art tools, these are a great option for younger children at home or school.

Included activity book

Though my child also enjoys using the dot markers on plain paper, the activity book is a great addition.

Close up of young hand opening a black Chalkola activity book with dot markers seen in the background.
Creatives can enjoy this 50-page activity book

It includes 50 pages of fun, large graphics that reinforce the basics, such as ABCs and numbers. It’s an excellent vehicle for the bright and bold colors the dot markers create.

No worries about when you run out: Chalkola offers free printable sheets specifically for the dabbers. I’ve had my set for a few weeks and still haven’t run out of activity pages.

Dot markers are mood boosters

When I got around to presenting the new “toy,” my daughter so happened to be in one of her moods. I busted out the dot markers and her whole energy shifted.

Yes, children get excited for new stuff, but I was impressed by how they captured and maintained her attention, provoked her creativity and kept her in good spirits.

Colorful worksheet of a bee with the letter B is seen behind a closeup of a yellow Chalkola dot marker.
A chance for creativity

It was new, interesting and exciting. It was unlike any other art supplies we’d had before. She dotted around for nearly an hour (within the activity book and on her own art paper), stamping the stress away for both of us!

I’m positive that she and I both appreciate these unique markers in our collection.

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