Compton mom gives ‘Mcdonald’s money’ a whole new meaning
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Patricia Williams defines the saying “keep it in the family.” Altogether, Williams and her daughters Nicole Enearu and Kerri Harper-Howey own 13 different McDonald’s restaurants in the Los Angeles area.

According to, the trio owns every Mcdonald’s in Compton, Calif.

After almost 40 years in the business, Williams has generated $50 million and currently employs more than 700 people. 

Owning all of these franchises wasn’t done overnight. Williams spent three years taking classes to be a certified McDonald’s owner. She also had to spend her time working in a store before she could own a location. This is where she learned how to provide top-tier customer service skills and stellar marketing, which helped increase her revenue. 

“It was a pretty intense, a three-year program and I had two young daughters,” Williams told the Los Angeles Sentinel. “But like most things in life, it was the right time and the right place. The opportunity presented itself so I jumped right on in and I haven’t regretted one moment.”

Three black women stand together similing with a large McDonald's sign in the background.
From left Compton McDonald’s owners Kerri Harper-Howie, Patricia Williams and Nicole Enearu (Image courtesy of Jon Didier). Photo:

Williams began her journey with her husband in 1984 after taking out all of their money for retirement. She became inspired after watching other family members successfully run their McDonald’s franchises.

Williams and her husband split after gaining two McDonald’s locations. Soon after she bought out her husband’s share of the company and kept working hard. After selling her first two stores in 1995, she was able to purchase five more locations.

Now in 2021, she is making headlines nationwide for her success.

Keeping it in the family

Williams is all about her community and family. In the early 2000s, her daughter Nicole received the proper training and also became an owner of a Mcdonald’s franchise. 

Her daughter Nicole Enearu became the first African American Chair for the McDonald’s Southern California Regional Leadership Council, proving that hard work and dedication runs in this family. 

Williams’s other daughter and lawyer Kerri Harper-Howey started out providing legal and HR help to her franchise locations. Eventually, she wanted to join in on the family franchise success. She became an owner after completing the Next Generation program at Mcdonald’s, which is a program for the children of McDonald’s owners. 

As a family, they not only own all the McDonald’s restaurants in Compton, but they have a non-profit organization, Williams/Enearu Organization. They have dedicated their lives to pushing their community forward by providing jobs, scholarships, and advanced technology at their Mcdonald’s locations.