Da Brat Expecting First Child at 48: ‘I Thought It Wasn’t in the Cards for Me’
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Da Brat never thought she would have children.

The Grammy-nominated rapper has had a full career and life.

Then, she met her wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart, and everything changed.

Now, the couple, who got married last year, is expecting their first child together.

Da Brat bears baby bump in photoshoot next to oldschool car.
Da Brat bears her baby bump in an exclusive photoshoot. Photo: People.com

Da Bra, 48, revealed that she is 18 weeks pregnant in a People exclusive.

“It’s been quite a journey. There’s a lot of stuff we learned about women over the age of 40.”

Da Brat, People Magazine 2023

“I started looking at life so differently,” Da Brat said about her marriage. “I was like, ‘I want a little me with you.’ Something special from the both of us that we can share and raise and love unconditionally.”

Da Brat and her wife Jesseca pose in classy outfits.
Da Brat bears her baby bump next to her wife Jesseca Harris-Dupart. Photo: people.com

Harris-Dupart has three children from a previous relationship.

The couple haven’t had the easiest journey. Harris-Dupart suffered major health complications after her egg retrieval procedure, and Da Brat underwent surgery to remove fibroids and polyps before her own embryo transfer.

Then, they suffered a miscarriage.

“I fell in love with the idea and then it was all snatched away from me,” Da Brat said.

The couple had a few eggs left in their bank and continued the journey.

Da Brat says she’s feeling all right, just exhausted with lots of tears.

“Everything makes me cry,” she said. “If someone wins American Idol, I cry. I’m like, ‘I’m tougher than that.'”

Da Brat, who’s known for her tough rap persona, embraced a gangster-inspired pregnancy photoshoot for the big reveal.

Da Brat poses in top hat and coat with baby bump showing.
Da Brat poses for an exclusive pregnancy photoshoot. People.com

“I loved it,” said Da Brat, who is working on various projects with her wife. “I think people are going to be shocked.”