Finding Confidence as a New Parent
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Becoming a parent for the first time is a super scary moment in life, and that’s something we don’t talk about enough. Sure, it’s a joyful time and you’re more than happy to bring your baby home, but you’ve also never been more worried. And that’s why it’s so important to invest in your confidence right now. You’re allowed to feel uncertain and anxious about your child’s future, but you don’t have to let those feelings rule your life. Here are a few ways to conquer new parent issues and feel confident in your new role. 

Block Out Opinions

You’re the only one who knows what you have to do as a parent. Similarly, you’re the only one who knows your baby and what they’re like. As such, you’re the one person whose opinion matters in raising your family. That means you’ve got to trust in yourself a little bit more. You don’t have to turn to someone else every time you’re unsure – you can do the best for your child by experimenting and giving yourself some space to figure things out. 

Get Some Sleep

New parents tend to be sleep deprived. As such, it’s a lot easier to feel bad about yourself and everything you’re doing! Which is why it’s so crucial to hit the hay whenever you get the chance to. Get some sleep, let your brain have a rest, let your body recharge, and then wake up refreshed. If you find it hard to prioritize things for yourself, think about it like this: the more you sleep as a new parent, the better a parent you’re going to be. It’s all going to benefit your baby in the end! 

Talk About Your Body Worries

New parents can have big body worries. If you’ve just given birth, you could be concerned about your weight gain, or stretch marks, or the way your breasts look and/or feel. And this is OK. You’re allowed to be worried. 

And yes, you’re allowed to talk about these things – it isn’t selfish. And when it comes to seeing idealized parent bodies in the media, talking about things like the “mommy makeover” any cosmetic doctor is good for debunking the procedure’s myths. It’ll take time to feel like ‘you’ again, if that’s something you’re concerned about, but you can slowly work your way there. 

Remember, No One Knows it All

It’s true. No one knows it all about raising a child, not even all the so called experts out there. Everyone has a naturally different temperament and responds to different methods of parenting. And as a brand new parent yourself, it’s up to you to find the type that your child responds to the most. Take your time, think about what you’re doing, and don’t beat yourself up for mistakes. You can rectify them with a kiss and a cuddle and a happy playtime later on! 

New parents can lack confidence. If you’re feeling low, rely on these tips.