Creepy Animated Character ‘Huggy Wuggy’ Has A Terrifying Message For Kids
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Editor’s Note: This article features disturbing content. 

Child-friendly applications like TikTok, YouTube and Roblox are being haunted by a creepy character named Huggy Wuggy.

Huggy Wuggy is the main villain in a horror video game, Poppy Playtime.

But online, this sinister figure has been appearing and sending off a terrible message to its viewers encouraging them to “kill babies” and their parents

“I could hug you forever until you breathe your last breath. My teeth sharp and ready, in my grasp, yeah they’re deadly,” the scary version of the character has been quoted saying.

Huggy Wuggy is a sinister animated character. Photo: YouTube

According to some parents, he appears in Roblox horror games filled with vengeful and evil toys. 

Children are informing their parents that Huggy Wuggy is a “toy in the day and at night, he’s a monster.” 

Knowledge of the figure’s presence has been very alarming for parents.

There are hundreds of videos of this figure on Youtube and TikTok requesting horrific acts, even after parental controls have been applied. 

Vigilance is one of the best ways to protect your child. The spooky figure has been showing up everywhere on the internet where children may be looking for fun.