Lucy McBath’s son was a victim of senseless gun violence — now, she’s been elected to Congress
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Lucy McBath sat on the couch, screaming in disbelief and horror.

“I didn’t know how something like that could happen,” she said. “I just talked to him the day before.”

Bath recalled in a CNN video one of her final conversations with her 17-year-old son Jordan Davis in 2012, saying, “He’d just told me he loved me. He’d just told me Happy Thanksgiving.”

The next day, Jordan was gone, shot and killed for refusing to turn down his music for a white man in Jacksonville, Florida.

Advocating for gun control, McBath turned her pain into triumph. Moved to run for Congress earlier this year, she unexpectedly defeated GOP incumbent Karen Handel on Wednesday to represent Georgia’s 6th District.

Jordan Davis was gunned by a white man in Florida when he refused to turn his car’s music down.

February’s Parkland mass shooting motivated the 58-year-old activist to run.

“For our lawmakers to … put profit over public safety, that is unforgivable, and it’s unacceptable,” the Congresswoman-elect said in the CNN video.

Nine months after the death of Trayvon Martin, Jordan became another unarmed black victim of senseless, racially-charged gun violence. The day after Thanksgiving, a 54-year-old white man fired eight shots into Jordan’s car, claiming Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law in defense.

McBath spoke candidly with Jordan about Martin’s death at the time. And she got involved on the political scene because she watched how Martin was vilified and criminalized after his death.

“There are people in this country who will gun you down because the color of your skin,” McBath said in an Everytown for Gun Safety video, recalling her honest conversation with Jordan about Martin. “I told him, ‘Baby, there are people out there who will shoot you.’ Those were my words to him. I said they will shoot you.”

While Jordan’s killer was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2014, that wasn’t justice for McBath.

She won’t ever have her son back.

“I decided to I wanted to speak up for people that were not being represented in Washington,” said McBath, a two-time breast cancer survivor who spent nearly 30 years as a Delta flight attendant.

She was dealing with her second bout of cancer while Jordan was living with his father in Florida.

Using her platform for gun violence prevention, McBath will push for implementing background checks for all firearm purchases, raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21, working to defeat conceal carry reciprocity measures and introducing legislation to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and other criminals, as outlined on her website.