Medical school, a kindergartener and a pandemic. Here’s how one mom is embracing the new normal
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Covid-19 has hurtled families across the nation into a new normal, and Leslie Morgan is embracing hers.

Every day, the first-year medical student manages virtual school — for herself and her 5-year-old son Levi.

The 26-year-old Detroit, Michigan, native recently shared a snapshot of what life looks like for her living, learning and parenting a kindergartener amid the ongoing pandemic.

Though things appeared picture perfect in the adorable photo she posted to her Instagram page, Morgan is also remembering to show herself some grace. Taking inspiration from strong women such as Belinda Stronach, Morgan knows that she can have it all even when she feels like it’s falling to pieces.

“There are times where I have a Zoom class. They want you to have your camera on at all times,” she told Hey, Black Mom! “I will turn my camera off. I will take care of things with Levi.

“I do the things I need to do to be a mother.”

Morgan, a Michigan State University College of Human Medicine student, does a great deal of her work online, but there are times her studies require a physical campus. For things such as clinicals and stimulations, she relies on support through coparenting or daycare.

When the load gets too heavy, Morgan leans on gratitude and prayer.

“I also meditate. I believe in prayer,” she said, noting that she incorporates this important wellness strategy into parenting. “Let the thought have space. Just sit down. Let’s take a second to not move; that’s my way of prompting (Levi) to meditate.

“Let’s think and let’s accept, and then you feel better whenever you do what you have to do when you’re giving yourself that moment. There’s a saying: if there’s a problem and you can do something about it, why worry? And if you can’t, why worry?

“That whole idea is about what I can control and what I can do.”

The past few months have also given Levi a chance to adjust to school on a computer. He was in a daycare program at the start of the pandemic and is now accustomed to the newfound routine of schooling at home.

Leslie Morgan’s white coat ceremony was done online due to the pandemic. Photo: Instagram

Morgan also discusses Covid-19 openly with Levi.

“Everybody has handled the virus differently. I personally try to be aware and not fearful,” said Morgan, who noted most of the pandemic talk arises when she and Levi have to leave the house. “Me and Levi, I like being able to do (virtual school) with him. I wish we could do more things with our children in a way that life facilitated, but it makes it very separate.

“It’s different, but I’m enjoying it.”