Mommy Magick: a feminine wellness brand helping moms get their sexy back
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Melanie Williams has made it her mission to help women reconnect with their divine feminine energy. 

“That’s the part we lose when we become mothers, but she still matters,” she said. 

The 37-year-old mother of six is the founder and CEO of Mommy Magick, a Texas-based feminine wellness brand she developed as she worked to heal from the scars of addiction, domestic abuse and trauma

After developing gestational diabetes during one of her pregnancies, Williams began to experience recurring bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. It was both uncomfortable and inconvenient for Williams, who describes herself as a deeply sensual person.

Mommy Magick founder and CEO poses in a two-piece yellow skirt outfit.
Melanie Williams started Mommy Magick to help women, especially those who’ve had children, feel whole again. Photo courtesy of Melanie Williams

“I wasn’t the same woman,” she said. “When you don’t feel good down there, it’s like your whole life is off-balance because that’s your center.”

With each episode, Williams visited her doctor, who prescribed an assortment of creams and medications. But they were only temporary solutions, and the problem always came back.

Bacterial vaginosis is a common vaginal symptom in women between the ages of 15 and 44, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, Black women are affected at higher rates (51 percent of reported cases compared to 32 percent of Hispanic women and 23 percent of white women).

Frustrated, Williams decided to try to heal herself from within and embarked on a spiritual journey that would change her life. She learned to meditate and plunged into the study of herbalism. And she allowed her education and her spirit to guide her as she blended herbs to develop recipes that provided relief for her intimate issues. 

Williams shared her products with friends and family members who urged her to make them available to the masses, saying, “They told me that people needed my products.”

The birth of Mommy Magick 

She invested a portion of her tax refund into producing more products, and Mommy Magick was born. From the Plant-Based Feminine Wash to the Maternity Yoni Oil, all of the products were created to help women care for their lady parts while embracing their sensuality. 

“I get messages from women all of the time who tell me that their mothers didn’t talk about this stuff,” she said. “I know that this is a part of my purpose.”

One of her most popular products, the Pretty Kitty Body Balm, is an herbal remedy for intimate skin conditions, such as ingrown bikini hairs. It’s made with all-natural ingredients that are gentle enough to use on every part of your body. And if that wasn’t enough, it contains an aphrodisiac. 

Empowering Black women 

Williams, who is also a certified doula, wants to create a different narrative for Black mothers by encouraging them to spend more time listening to their bodies and reconnecting with some of the lost traditions of their ancestors. She wants women to be open to exploring alternative solutions to female reproductive issues, but emphasizes that her products shouldn’t take the place of regular OBGYN screenings. 

“Doctors and pharmacists keep you coming back,” she said, “but with holistic wellness solutions, you can maintain your self-care with natural ingredients from Mother Earth.”

Tins of Mommy Magick feminine products
The Pretty Kitty Body Balm is among the most popular items from Mommy Magick.

When asked about the future of Mommy Magick, Williams was hesitant to be too specific about her goals.

“It’s so much bigger than me,” she offered. “I just pray for growth and alignment with what the universe has in store. I want to exceed my goals because I want more than what I could ever imagine for the women I’m serving.”