Mother of 9 Creates Multilingual Book Series for Children
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Ohio-based, super mom Shy Santiago is a homeschooling mother of nine who has created beginner-level bilingual books that everyone can read. 

Covering a multitude of languages like; Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Swahili, and more, Santiago is on track to make a significant change in the world. 

This is more than your average book teaching other languages. Santiago, the owner of Learn A Language 4 Fun, has beautifully blended learning through teaching while displaying great examples for kids. 

“My mission is to provide our children with the educational material necessary for them to start learning multiple languages,” she said in a story.

For years she has dedicated her time to helping children learn the basics of languages. 

This multilingual mother has learned many different languages through Youtube and library books.

Santiago’s passion has now become something with a lot of potential.

She has collaborated with different business owners that represent versatile images that reflect who they are while learning these languages. 

Long-time customer Stephanie Wallace is one who gives her full support.

“This family truly understands how representation can help shape young minds,” Wallace said. “Thanks to books like Awakening the Natural Genius in Black Children by Amos Wilson and the Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson taught Santiago the importance of advancing the minds of the youth through multilingualism.”

Santiago began her journey by reaching out to community leaders to feature them in explaining their profession in their native language. 

She is currently in the process of creating a series called Our Colorful Multilingual Adventures that will entail 10 hardcover bilingual books in English. Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Kiswahili, multilingual numbers, multilingual colors, Arabic, African languages, selected native languages, Russian, Portuguese and many more.

Household names like Godfrey, Edna Liliana Valencia Murillo (Journalist and Cultural Consultant for the movie Encanto), Sonia Sanchez (American Poet), Dante Lee (Marketing Genius and PR mastermind), Natosha Clemons (Fire Chef), and Dominique Saatenang (Martial Artist) are featured in this series of Amazing Books.

You can find these books on Amazon at the Public Library in Euclid, Ohio.