Dating Different: How Former Sugar Baby Helps Women Find Rich Men
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Talitha often reflects on life. Where she’s been, and where it’s taken her. 

A few short years ago, the mom of two was feeding her children with food stamps. She had an extensive history of failed romantic relationships. She’d been unemployed and fraught to make a way for her now 13-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. 

So she turned to sugaring, a transactional dating practice where typically young women engage in mutually beneficial relationships with older men for financial security. 

Talitha, also known as hypergamous dating expert Coach Lii, is unafraid to share those parts of her life. Baring all is why scores of women have grown to trust her and to seek her wisdom in changing their own lifestyles like she successfully has. 

“They see I’m not afraid to talk about my days being a hoe, my days doing dumb shit, my days making errors,” Coach Lii told Hey, Black Mom! about her clientele.

When she hit 30, she realized something had to shift. She had already been a sugar baby but wasn’t as responsible with her money, relationships or energy during that phase of her life. 

Talitha, now 33, collected all of her lessons and learnings from life as a sugar baby and used them to start a business. 

Sweet2Elite University is an online mentorship designed for women looking to enhance their lifestyle and financial flexibility. Coach Lii, who will host her first Food Stamps to 6 Figures event next month, teaches them how to date differently and find a partner who will invest in them. 

On the surface, it seems that Coach Lii essentially helps women attract a man of means to build their own businesses or lifestyles. 

But if you take a closer look, she’s helping others master dating with a purpose, and perhaps realizing their greater purpose in return. And sure, it’ll pay off – if they follow her formula.  

Coaching Women in Art of Meeting Rich Men

Coach Lii, who’s been happily partnered for four years with a man who invested in her dating business, admitted she’d once been bitter toward men. 

“You know, two baby daddies, and you start to feel some type of way about men,” she said candidly. “Especially when you’re taking care of things, paying bills and providing like the man should.” 

She no longer wanted to accept that. Those experiences shaped her into an entrepreneur in 2019. 

She knew she had to buckle down, for the sake of herself and her children. 

Sugaring taught Coach Lii many things, including why men choose to give their money to women and how to establish authentic connections with people – romantically and otherwise. 

That’s what helped her business take off. Her past is why she can coach women in how to walk, wear clothing and adopt certain behaviors that she says attract rich men. 


How to meet a rich man…

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Her coaching services include a starter kit, a master class, an exclusive “sorority” with individual sessions and more. She also helps women understand that they must possess certain qualities to be successful in this goal. 

“All I’m doing is taking a City Girls-vibe, because they’re not wrong either,” Talitha said. “That’s my type, too, but you don’t get to have that unless you become that, unless you embody that character, unless this man 150% sees that in you, he’s not investing in you that way. It’s not happening. 

“I teach women how to prepare for their millionaire.” 

Sweet2Elite had humble beginnings. Talitha once hosted five clients in her living room, a PowerPoint presentation displayed on the television in her hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania.   

She chuckled as she recalled spending food-stamp money on breakfast for the early clients before shifting to a digital presence. She broke even on her investment that day. 

Now, she’s preparing for a major seminar in Atlanta, Georgia.

On July 9-10, she’s hosting the Food Stamps to 6 Figures seminar. The two-day event will place attendees before Coach Lii, other successful women entrepreneurs in various fields and even her beaux, who has not made a public appearance since they’ve been dating. He’ll be addressing what he saw in Talitha.

Food Stamps to 6 Figures will cover four overall “pillars to profit” in order to transform your lifestyle. 

“Now I’m about to fill a room so that (I) can change 135 lives this time, not just five,” Coach Lii said. 

It’s a chance to hear from her on a big stage; before working with her one-on-one, clients must qualify into her criteria. She means serious business when women approach her. 

“(Women come to me) on the very bottom,” she said. “They are at their lowest point. They are working a job that they can’t fucking stand. They are underpaid, undervalued, overworked. They don’t have time to spend with their children because they punch a clock for somebody else.

“They’ve been working at these jobs for years and years acquiring all these skills and talents and gifts – natural gifts God gives them, and they don’t know how to turn them into income, so they keep going to work for somebody else every day.

“I teach them how to take that gift, skill, talent, obsession, hobby, that passion and turn it into profit, that experience into income – and use his wallet to do it.” 

Mothering While Sugaring

Talitha used to worry about her children accepting her lifestyle as a former sugar baby. 

At 10, her daughter would openly share her mother’s profession with others. 

“I was so embarrassed,” Talitha said. “Mortified, you hear me. I knew I had to switch something up.” 

Her path has shaped her parenting in many ways. 

Coach Lii stands in yellow outfit in front of large mural
Coach Lii found a man to help her build her business and wants to teach other women how to do the same. Photo:

Her now eighth-grade daughter, who’s into boys at this age, listens to her classes and earns a little free game. 

A young man asked her to the school formal, rescinded his offer and then asked her out again. 

“She said no,” Coach Lii recalled. “As bad as she wanted a date to formal, she said no, because she heard her mother’s words in the back of her mind saying, ‘That’s not it, baby.’ 

“She’s no fool now.” 

While Coach Lii has respect and admiration for her son’s biological father being an active parent, she appreciates that her son gets to witness her partner showering her with warmth, love, kindness – and the benefit of financial stability. 

“The man that I have now opens mommy’s doors, provides for her kids and tucks them in at night,” Coach Lii said. “It’s a different kind of man, and my son gets to see and experience what that’s like.” 

Women’s Empowerment for All

While Talitha has taken her fair share of judgment over the years for her line of work, both as a sugar baby and entrepreneur helping women build themselves up with the financial assistance of a man, her work transcends one audience.

Showing up as herself helps others see what falls within the realm of possibilities.

Whether you’re single, partnered or married, Talitha feels she has a message for any woman: fruitful relationships and thriving in your goals and desires.

“I love that I’m a regular bitch and that women can see themselves in me,” Talitha said. “Even if you’re not single and you’re in a relationship right now, it becomes your content.

“This is all women’s content.”