What this pediatric dietitian wants parents to know about nutrition, food allergies and more
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It’s easy for parents to worry, especially when it comes to how their children are eating.

We should strive to help our children build positive relationships with food and diet early, but that means removing some of the fear around how we approach it.

“So many adults have an adversarial relationship with food…and it doesn’t have to be that way,” said Pea Pod Nutrition and Lactation Support Executive Director Alicia Simpson in a live video with Hey, Black Mom! “You can have a full, wonderful life where you feel just as great eating brussel sprouts as you do eating a cupcake, and no one is more important than the other and it doesn’t rule your life.”

The pediatric nutritionist and IBCLC discussed how parents can approach their children’s diet and health, how to introduce a plant-based diet and navigating food allergies with less worry.

Watch the entire discussion below: