Review: Cantu for your baby’s dry patch
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It can happen to any of our curly-haired bundles.

Our precious little cherubs may develop a dry patch of hair from the friction caused by sleeping on their backs. If it breaks off, it’ll grow back — so don’t worry.

But, if you’d like to combat the dryness on the back of their noggin, here’s a product to try: Cantu’s Care FOR KIDS Curling Cream. It’s a very light cream for our natural princes and princesses.

And look, I know Shea Moisture products are dominating the natural hair care market and beyond right now (I regularly use their Shea Butter conditioner on my own hair). I initially sought out SM’s kid’s curly cream only to find it was cleared from the shelves of my nearest Walgreens. That came to my surprise, since the store is in the middle of a PWI that was, well, just that — 80 percent to be exact. So from where did the demand for a black hair product for babies arise?


I noticed my daughter’s patch when she was between three and four months. I began using a dab of organic, unrefined coconut oil daily (something I pulled out of the pantry), and it helped — some. It was still a bit too dry. I continue to use the coconut oil on her hair just about every day, and she’s almost six months now. I’ll use Cantu’s kiddy cream every couple of days or so.

Curly girl with a kiss of moisture from Cantu’s curling cream for kids.

It’s perfect.

I use a pea-sized amount for her itty-bitty head; the dry area is extremely small, about the diameter of a quarter. The cream moisturizes her hair instantly and activates her curls back there. The product leaves it super, super soft, and it smells great.  It doesn’t leave any sort of residue, and, again, I’m only using it about three times a week. I’ve applied it on both wet and dry hair.

I was skeptical about putting any product on my child’s hair because she’s so young, but the Cantu cream is gentle. It’s advertised as one without sulfates, gluten, parabens or mineral oil. Also, that good ol’ water is the very first ingredient. It’s made with Shea butter, coconut oil and honey and — I’ve gotta love this as a bunny mom as well: it’s cruelty-free.

There’s a noticeable difference in my little one’s dry spot since I began using Cantu’s curling cream, and I saw results instantly.

So moms, how have you dealt with that stubborn dry patch?