Shop with these black women for Mother’s Day
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Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

And the endearing holiday is showing up at just the right time, as the country battles a pandemic that’s ravished the globe. Hopefully, it can serve as a somewhat sweet relief in celebrating moms.

Falling on May 10 this year, you still have little time to shop for your mom (or send your loved ones a link).

We’ve gathered a few choices you may enjoy. Bonus: these gift ideas, from self care to personalized T-shirts, are by black women.

Honor Your Mother T-Shirt by Black Mamas Say

Pay homage to the women who came before you with this unique T-shirt. It lists the names of those who made you who you are, from you mother to your great-grandmother or even your favorite aunt. Use this gift to honor them in a wearable tribute.

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Ginger Galore

Looking for something that promotes relaxation? This all-natural health and beauty line has a range of products to get you there. From specially-crafted ginger teas to lip balm and candles, Ginger Galore has you covered.


Mommy Magick


Moms need self care, and this yoni wellness brand wants to make it happen. Offering all-natural solutions to self-care, well being and sexual wellness, Mommy Magick, founded by a fellow mama, recognizes the changes women go through in the motherhood. Its most popular product is the Pretty Kitty Body Balm, which is an anti-inflammatory relief salve to soothe a variety of skin conditions.