6 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy After Having a Baby
Reading Time: 2 minutes

When you’ve just had a baby, the last thing on your mind is to take up running, eat a balanced diet and generally get fit and healthy. Your day is more preoccupied with feeding, changing and cuddling your beautiful new bundle of joy. However, in order to thrive as a mom, it’s OK to put yourself first and take care of your physical wellbeing too. You’re the type of mom who would always put their child’s health first, but it’s also very important to focus on yourself from time to time. If you start forming healthier habits and making positive choices surrounding your health, you’ll start to feel more energized, in shape and have a better mood overall. With this in mind, here are six methods to help you stay fit and healthy after you’ve had a baby:

Prioritize Nutrition

The late-night biscuits and constant snacking while you feed a hungry baby are absolutely necessary when you’re taking care of a newborn. However, if you’re able to get more whole foods, fruits and vegetables in your diet you’re going to start feeling so much better. Aim to cook at least one wholesome and healthy meal each day so that you are getting the nutrients you need to thrive.

Build Muscle Mass

Lifting a baby up and down from their crib, carrying a stroller to the car and picking up a car seat is going to work wonders for your muscle mass. Adding a touch of weight training into your regime too will also help you to stay as fit as possible as a busy mom. You may also want to look into Ostarine Solution to enhance your muscle strength and reduce fatigue, but make sure you check in with your doctor before adding any new supplements into your diet.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water has never been more important, especially when you’re up at all hours of the night. Carry a big water bottle around the house with you and make sure you keep it topped up at all times.

Rest When You Can

Getting sleep is much easier said than done with a brand new baby in the house, but if you get a chance to close your eyes take it when you can. Even just a ten minute power nap in the middle of the day can help you feel refreshed and restored.

Consider Yoga

If you’re feeding and lifting a baby all day everyday, you’re going to experience some aches and pains in your body, especially in your shoulders. Try some gentle at-home yoga sessions to release any tension and improve your flexibility over time.


There are so many advantages that go hand in hand with meditation as a mom, especially when you’ve had an overwhelming day with your little one. Taking five minutes each day to switch off and relax with your own thoughts is a brilliant way to enhance your mental health and help keep your calm.

With a combination of these ideas, you’ll start to feel much healthier, more energized and full of life so that you’re in the best possible state to take care of your little one. As a parent it’s very easy to neglect your own health and wellbeing, but putting yourself first now and again will be the best thing you’ve ever done.