5 Reasons You Should Let Your Toddler Cook with You
Reading Time: 2 minutes

You might think that letting your toddler loose in the kitchen is a recipe for disaster rather than a delicious dinner, and to be honest, you might be right. But don’t let the potential for chaos put you off cooking with your little one.

Here are five reasons why:

It’ll Help Stop Them from Being Picky

Some kids have medical issues that cause them to be picky but many kids can be fussy. Letting them help you in the kitchen can be a great way to help them get out of that mindset. When toddlers are involved in the process of cooking, even if it’s simply throwing some salt into the pan of veggies, then they are more likely to at least try the end result because they’ll be proud of what they’ve done.

It Teaches them About Real Food

If you get your toddler involved in the process of cooking healthy food like these crab cakes anyone can make or a tasty salad, then you will be teaching them what real, nutritious food looks like. Hopefully, exposure to real ingredients will make them less inclined to go after unhealthy stuff like chips, candy and fast food.

It’s a Great Sensory Activity

If you are looking for a fun and affordable way to keep the kids busy and engaged, then you will find that there are few better ways to do so than cooking, especially with a toddler. When you think about it, cooking really is the ultimate sensory experience. The kids get to feel the squidgy dough beneath their fingers, smell the aroma of the pasta sauce as it is simmering, and of course, taste the end product. They will be truly immersed in the task, having fun and learning lots of good stuff as they assist you.

Cooking is a Life Skill

As well as teaching your toddler the fine motor skills they will need as they get older, letting them help you in the kitchen can also equip them with one of the most important life skills there is; the ability to feed oneself.

If you get them cooking now when they are really young, then it will be second nature to them, and when they go off to college, they’ll know how to whip up a healthy pasta dish or casserole.

It Will Teach Them to Follow Directions

Doing what they are told and toddlers are two things that do not mix very often, and this can be a problem for parents who need their kids to be able to follow instructions. Cooking is a great activity to teach because following a recipe is helping them to understand how to follow instructions, and the kids get to see that if they do it right the results will be great and it’s fun.

There are many benefits that come with letting our toddler cook with you, so be sure to let them help in the kitchen at least some of the time.