Wakanda awesome is this? Mom transformed doll into Black Panther princess Shuri
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Toya Moore-Broyles couldn’t wait to get home after seeing Black Panther. One of the highest-grossing films of all time left her inspired.

The crafty YouTuber was anxious to create a custom Shuri doll.

Moore-Broyles and her daughter IsaBella run the channel MyFroggyStuff, where they create edgy doll makeovers.

To make Shuri, Moore-Broyles repurposed a Tiana doll to give a classic Disney princess look to the franchise’s newest — and smartest — and dopest.

“I was so inspired by the movie Black Panther that I rushed home,” Moore-Broyles said in a Parenting Insider video last month after the Shuri doll video became popular. “I just had to because the movie was so awesome.”

In order to create Shuri, Moore-Broyles, who goes by Froggy on her channel, cut Tiana’s hair and re-rooted it with black yarn. She braided and decorated the new locks into the Marvel genius’s style. The mother-daughter duo gave Shuri a custom outfit (the all white one from the computer lab scene), putting on final touches with tribal makeup.

Not only does Moore-Broyles and IsaBella remix dolls, they create adorable dollhouses and accessories, too. They use razor-sharp detail to create and remake. They created a lab for Shuri.

Toya Moore-Broyles and her daugher IsaBella run YouTube’s MyFroggyStuff. Photo: YouTube

“You get to see your own vision come to life, so that’s pretty cool,” Moore-Broyles said.

She inadvertently started the popular channel a decade ago. She was making videos to send to her mother but didn’t set them to private as she originally intended. Once she noticed a good response, she kept going.

MyFroggyStuff boasts 1.6 million subscribers.

“You get to customize it any way you want, so it’s sorta like the sky’s the limit,” IsaBella said.

Welp, Wakanda Forever!