Meet Akina: The First-of-its-Kind Social Media App Connecting Black Moms
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A first-of-its-kind social media platform is here, and the focus is entirely on Black women. 

Akina is a new app designed to help Black mothers build community and foster relationships in their unique parenting journeys — and aunties, bonus moms and other caregivers are welcome to share in the village, too. 

Akina is now that village realized

Akina Founder and CEO Leigh Higginbotham Butler

Available for both iOS and Android devices, Akina is a new social media platform that connects these women. Think Facebook meets Peanut meets Clubhouse. 

This Black-owned and operated space creatively fuses all of a mom’s social media needs into one experience — but the focus is on garnering support through connections made on the app.

Features include on-demand content, chats, meeting rooms, groups, live-streamed events, relevant news, networking opportunities and more. The platform’s live feature will be a familiar element for many mothers who migrate to the easy-to-use app.  

Akina is a social media networking app designed to connect Black mothers
Akina is a social media networking app designed to connect Black mothers.

Akina, which means “strong family bond” in Swahili, was born when founder and CEO Leigh Higginbotham Butler realized Black moms’ specific need for support after her own struggles.

Butler, a proud boy mom of three, didn’t have that village during some of her hardest days and wanted to make a difference for other parents, regardless of age, backgrounds or beliefs.

As moms of Black children, we navigate a special set of circumstances.

Akina Founder and CEO Leigh Higginbotham Butler

“As moms of Black children, we navigate a special set of circumstances,” Butler said in Black Enterprise. “From doctors, to caregivers, to teachers, to principals, police and other parents — we have to advocate for our children in a unique way.”  

Tough the new app launched on Nov. 11, Akina has already solidified a partnership with professional tennis star and new mom Taylor Townsend to help spotlight its efforts. Akina is also backed by Black Moms Connection, The Alignment Chapter, mater mea and several brands familiar among Black mothers. 

An outstanding cast of healthcare professionals, educators, mompreneurs and chefs strengthen Akina’s commitment to community. 

“The truth is that it takes a village to raise a child — and every woman deserves access to that type of community,”  This is where Akina was born. Swahili for ‘strong family bond,’

“Akina is now that village realized.”

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