Angela Simmons promotes body positivity among mothers in new campaign
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Angela Simmons isn’t afraid of wearing a bikini. The fact that she’s comfortable in one actually empowers her, especially as a mother.

The 32-year-old launched a new campaign entitled Built not Bought via Instagram on Thursday and she addresses body positivity among women who are moms.

“I think a lot of people, they look at women and especially if you’re a mom, they’re like, you can’t wear that because you’re a mom,” she said on an Instagram TV video posted to her page. “I’m going to wear this two-piece and I’m going to wear it proudly because I’m comfortable in my own skin. I love who I am, and I feel like all women should be like that.”

Angela Simmons, center, poses with other models from the Built Not Bought campaign. Photo: Instagram

She opened up about some of her former insecurities. Simmons, mom to 3-year-old Sutton Joseph Tennyson, said she used to be self conscious about the cellulite in her legs, but now embraces her legs and curves.

Other women in the Built Not Bought campaign discussed confidence, insecurities and life’s purpose. They all had something to add to the conversation about body positivity, from weight to hair to skin.

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#PurposeIAm 💗Purpose we are !! Strong woman ! Walking in our Purpose !! We have Built up our minds , body , and souls … We are Built Not Bought ! Beauty starts inside ! Support the movement ! Get your girls together !!! Take pictures!! Purpose suits now live …. Purpose creative direction Partner : @myemichi 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 💓Woman walking purpose : @jessimelani , @Dafreckledpoet , @chaniahkelley , @thepiscesfinest , @Norilauri , @kbeautty , @jeanette.schock , @805aztec_warrior 💟Right hand for everything : @krjnyc 💪🏽BnB Partner : @stefan.e.williams 🎀Hair : @hairmisses 🎀Make up : @diamondrubss 💞My hair n make up : @donovanlamar n @maishaoliver 📸Pictures shot : @meech213 🎥Shot by @directorcoreymcneal and @ryanthecameradude 📹Drone Op @tvtwan_yd 💾Editor @hausofvisio Location: @stephanie_sge

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“I’m just here to reinforce that into women about loving yourself and speaking positively over yourself,” Simmons continued in the video, “and so for me, this is a really important day.”

Build Not Bought is part of the Purpose App, which is designed to empower women.