What this Black dietitian wants moms to know about building better relationships with food
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Esosa Osagiede is one of the few Black registered dietitian nutritionists in the space, and she has a unique approach. She views having access to a dietitian with your shared experience as a form of social justice, and she doesn’t take the responsibility lightly.

One of just 2.6 percent of Black dietitians, she wants us to change the way we view our relationship with food, diet and our bodies, as most of the standards are through a white lens.

Osagiede joined Hey, Black Mom! on Instagram Live last week to discuss her perspective and what she emphasizes to the Black mothers she works with. Among her goals is to dispel diet and food myths.

“We actually have to get out of the idea of thinking my food is centered around weight loss or weight because you lose a lot of joy in life when you do that,” she said. “I tell people all the time: talk to a dietitian or think about your relationship with food, period.

“Because our relationship with food is so skewed, and it starts at a very young age.”

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