Celebrate Bump Day to raise awareness about maternal health
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Hundreds of pregnant women around the world are dying everyday due to the lack of proper maternal healthcare.

On Wednesday, you can show your support for the right to healthy births by simply posting a photo of your belly bump — past or present — with #BumpDay.

International Medical Corps, an organization standing on the frontlines of worldwide crises, along with What to Expect and the What to Expect Project, is hoping to raise awareness about the disparities in maternal health through its annual Bump Day.

By sharing a baby bump photo, moms will help these groups showcase the healthy pregnancies that every mother deserves.

Bump Day is also an opportunity to discuss what maternal health means to you. As we know, the numbers for Black mothers in the United States are quite grim. Black women in this country are two to three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women.

On a global scale, one in five births around the world is done without a skilled birth expert. On a daily basis, more than 800 women suffer preventable deaths related to pregnancy.

If you don’t have a bump photo but would still like to support, IMC published a tool kit with graphics and captions.