Florida mom finds new fitness trainer: her 4-year-old daughter
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What started as a joke is now a daily routine for Kiandre’a “KP” Pound and her 4-year-old daughter Kynsley.

Pound, a Florida teacher and beach body coach, had been slacking on her workout regime since quarantine, as is the case for many mothers, has left her at home with her daughter.

Kynsley heard her mother discussing the possibility of finding a trainer, and the preschooler decided to volunteer her services.

Pound, 25, posted a video on her Twitter page showing her child’s dedication to her new role.

“I said I think I want a trainer, and she’s like, ‘I’ll be your trainer,’” Pound told Hey, Black Mom! about the recent video. “At first I’m laughing about it, but as a mom, I always have to find a way to incorporate her into my workouts.

“I didn’t know she would take it so seriously.”

In Pound’s 14-second clip that garnered more than 2.8 million views and 277,000 likes, you can hear Kynsley saying, “You got this, you got this mommy and make sure you keep up the good work,” as she works her legs with a band.

And when Pound runs around her neighborhood, her little one rides her bike along.

“She’ll speak positive words to me,” Pound said. “When you’re working out and your kid is running around, it can be a headache. Instead of getting upset, I found a way to involve her in what we did and it just worked.”

The move luckily helped restore some normalcy in Pound’s workout routine. The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated working mothers’ domestic load. Even before the pandemic, women took on a disproportionate amount of caregiving responsibilities.

“We’re learning so much. When we’re not working out, we’re reading books,” Pound said. “(Working out) just makes me feel better. More than that, it gives us an opportunity to go outside because we haven’t been going many places. It helps me hold myself accountable because she has to go outside everyday.”