Lolo Jones on Freezing Eggs: I Really Want a Family
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Editor’s Note: This article discusses fertility and fertility treatments.

Lolo Jones admitted that by now, she thought she may have already started a family.

Days before her 40th birthday earlier this month, she revealed her fight with time in a tearful Instagram video

“I really want a family,” Jones said through tears in her clip. “I’ve waited for my husband for so many years, and I’m just getting mad. And I’m about to turn 40.

“There’s a lot of stress on me right now.” 

That’s when the Olympian revealed she’s starting the process of freezing her eggs. In a follow-up video, she shared that the doctors successfully retrieved 27 eggs.

Jones showed some of the opening steps of her journey in the first video The athlete was seen at medical appointments and revealed doctors found an ovarian cyst the size of a tennis ball.

She also included a clip of giving herself hormone shots to prepare for egg retrieval.

The video ended with happy news of her blood levels and hormone levels making her a good, fertile candidate for IVF.

It isn’t always so simple, especially for women of color. White women between the ages of 25 and 44 are twice as likely than Black women that age to seek IVF treatment.

Jones also encouraged women to take the Anti-Mullerian Hormone test early. AMH helps a person determine their egg count.

“I want to encourage women to check into this earlier,” she wrote in the caption. “Not every woman is the same.”