Mom adds silk-lined protection to daughter’s winter hats, and it’s genius
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Natural hair is the new beauty standard for Rashedia Effinger, and she’s making sure her 5-year-old daughter embraces it.

With the colder months approaching, retaining moisture is essential for black hair.

Effinger created a fix to ensure her daughter Maddie’s hair health this season.

The military mom had the inside of her daughter’s winter hats lined with silk, which helps keep her hair moisturized throughout the day. The innovative move received tons of attention and kudos in the Facebook group where she shared the idea on Wednesday.

“I have to wake up by 5 a.m. daily, so doing my daughter’s hair in the morning everyday is not an option for me,” said Effinger, who opts for protective styles.

To preserve her braids and twists, Maddie also sleeps with a silk scarf and pillowcase.

This is Effinger’s second year doing silk-lined hats. She said she purchased the lining material from Amazon and took it to her local cleaners, who sewed it inside of the hats.

So, sorry mamas, her crafty work is not for sale.

“The silk-lined winter hats are a must for little girls heading out to school in the winter months,” Effinger said. “It’s super affordable and stylish.”

Natural hair health is especially important for her. She said she washes Maddie’s hair bi-weekly with apple cider vinegar.

She believes that teaching young girls about properly caring for their hair without chemicals will help them embrace it.

Effinger’s 5-year-old daughter Maddie rocking cute afro puffs!

Silk-lined winter hats are one fun way to get them on board.

“Once you know the type of hair you have, you can maintain the length and density with proper care and knowledge,” Effinger said. “Once you give a child a routine, they will use it forever.”