Mothering Through Madness: Connecting moms in the midst of a pandemic
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There’s a club you can turn to when you need someone — anyone — to understand that children running you ragged all day but instantly transforming into little angels when dad walks in is actually a thing.

To understand why you can’t sit down until all the toys have been cleared from the living room floor.

Why you can’t just “sleep when the baby sleeps.”

Days on end of restless nights.

Only members of this special alliance called motherhood would get it.

Moms need moms, if for nothing more than proof that we aren’t going through our stuff alone.

Whether it’s from a superstar like Serena Williams validating the toughness of motherhood or from two old friends chatting about the struggle, nothing bonds women like motherhood.

It’s a connection we want to emphasize as mothers navigate through an ongoing pandemic.

Hey, Black Mom! recently launched Mothering Through Madness, a summer series featuring mothers discussing their unique experiences with parenting amid COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus that has wreaked havoc across the globe.

From an abrupt change in birth plans to homeschooling multiple children, these women have something to add to this much-needed conversation.

Every Friday in June and the first Friday of July, we’ll host a mom on Instagram Live at 12:30 p.m. EST.

Many of us are experiencing similar circumstances, and Mothering Through Madness can amplify our bond and offer solace for moms grouped in the same boat due to the pandemic.

Here’s who’ll you meet:

Leah Lattimore on June 5

Lattimore is a mom of three living in Virginia. She was a stay-at-home-mom with her own real estate business, but when COVID-19 hit, she was thrust into a hectic homeschool schedule. Her children, ages 7, 5 and 4, are each learning different things, and she sometimes forced to blend their studies for the sake of time. She’ll share what she’s learned about finding a new balance and not feeling guilty when there’s a breach in the schedule.

Deidre Summerfield on June 12

Congrats to Summerfield — she just became a first-time mom. From a virtual baby shower to altered hospital visits, she delivered a baby girl during a pandemic. She’ll discuss her personal experiences with giving birth during unthinkable time and the support around her has helped her cope.

Carmen Watkins on June 19

Watkins is already feeling the differences between carrying a child now versus babies No. 1 and No. 2. She is expecting her third child, and it’s not like before. Watkins will share how she’s dealt with the pandemic and what she’s done to offer support to other expecting mothers.

Janice Robinson-Celeste on June 26

Robinson-Celeste founded Successful Black Parenting Magazine to deliver representation for black parents and the issues they face. She’ll join the call to share her thoughts on why it’s more important than ever to use the magazine as a platform to support moms during these times.

Jamie Fleming on July 3

Fleming, who makes it her business to promote relaxation among black moms, will drive us home — and on a holiday weekend at that. The founder of Black Moms Guide to Calm will discuss how to “overcome your overwhelm.” She’ll share her best tips on finding peace and happiness.