WATCH: Mothers share their path to parenthood and LGBTQ+ family planning support
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Chanel and Dinea Elliott-Collins understand how easy their journey to become parents was, and they don’t take it for granted.

They started thinking about motherhood in undergrad, and baby boy Adonis joined their family seven years after they got married.

Though the couple did not have success trying to inseminate at home, once the two found known donor for their child, their path to parenthood was set.

This is why they offer support in family planning and more on their platform Lady Bois and Baby Boy.

“I think that’s why we continue to make ourselves available for people that are not having the same success or aren’t having the same simplicity with their journey,” Dinea said on a Live video with Hey, Black Mom! “What we went through is not typical, especially at our age.”

Dinea and her wife Chanel discussed their personal family planning journey, motherhood, mental health and more!

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