Pregnant this summer? Here’s what you’ll need
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Granny panties will be your best friend if you heed my word.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was in my third trimester having to bear the searing, sticky, icky summer heat.

I drank more water than I had in my 25-plus years living and always wore foam sandals (or my What-are-those?!, as I like to joke).

Summer is here, so I wanted to share a few must-haves that got me and my full-sized bump through the hot season last year.

Maxi dresses and a good pair of maternity capris

Before I got too big, my mom sent me a huge box of dresses that were too large for her but perfect for my bump-to-be. Not gonna lie, some of them were way too 1999 for me to wear but the majority came in handy. Wash day. Lazy Sunday. Run-to-pick-up-burgers-because-we-aren’t-cooking-jack-tonight day.

They served their purpose, and I was able to wear some of the more stylish ones to work.

I also purchased a few from Old Navy, and I was wearing one of the store’s dresses when I went into labor.

I was wearing my What-are-those?! with this dress.

It was also where I bought a couple pair of maternity jeans. They were light and stretchy, and I got a lot of great use out of them because of their versatility.

At least one pair of foam sandals

You may laugh at me, but I don’t care because I’m a grown ass woman: Skechers Memory Foam sandals were my bread-and-butter shoe down the stretch of the pregnancy.

I accidentally discovered them a couple of years before I got pregnant, and I couldn’t believe how adorable and cozy they were; I wore them five out of the next seven days. I hadn’t worn Sketchers since I was in eighth grade thinking I was cool walking around City Walk.

I’m a journalist, so I was ripping and running in the final bump days. It only made sense that I re-up on the Memory Foams. I didn’t have swelling in my feet or ankles, but it got harder to walk around as I grew. I had tons of backaches, so the shoes helped alleviate the pain.

I also got a pair of Crocs — they were i’ight.

Box braids

Only if you know what’s good for you.

My only wish for my unborn child in the waning weeks of my pregnancy was to stay put until I got my hair braided.

Still wearing my What-are-those?! here. And it may not seem like it here, but I am very, very pregnant. 

It was the summer. It was hot. I was working more than 50 hours a week (I know, I have a problem).

I was getting ready for the baby’s arrival. The last thing I wanted to think about was my hair.

Some braiders offer discounts for “push braids.” My braider was the real MVP. I vomitted in her house (literally the only time I threw up in the 38.5 weeks I was pregnant). She still hooked me up with small ropes of dark, waist-length magic peppered with specks of gold. They lasted weeks after the baby’s debut.

Having braids with a newborn made life easier.


Go ahead and get you a few packs of drawers about two sizes too big. You’ll need these. They will be your best friend.

When you get out of the tub (squeeze in as many bubble baths as you can, for the chance to take one once baby comes is rare — and I’m not sure how long the drought will last), you’ll want nothing more than your big, old panties.

There are times when you will wear nothing but these panties (around the house).

They are oh so cozy and comfy, and you’ll appreciate the space. Get the cute prints if it makes you feel better.

I got a variety of patterns and neon colors that still have a special place in my panty drawer.

So mamas, stay cool and hydrated this summer. Trust your body. If you need to have a seat or lie down, do it! If you feel dizzy or have blurred vision — speaking from experience here, don’t ignore it. Some days were so hot to me that I had to lie down for 15 minutes or so on the couch in the break room.

Call your doctor as much as you need to.

Pace yourself.


And get ready for your life to change.