Heroic EMT saves mom, baby boy in New York train derailment
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Tuanika Brown said her job makes her feel like a hero every day.

On Tuesday, everyone got to see her heroics in action.

She helped a hot baby and his mother to safety after two cars from a Brooklyn-bound A train derailed in Harlem, New York. About 35 people were injured.

The baby, named Yosef, and his mother were treated at and later released from Harlem Hospital.

Brown said once she and other first responders arrived in the dark and smoky tunnel, instincts kicked in. It’s, she said, part of her job.

“It’s about having a heart and having focus,” she said in The New York Daily News. “It could have been a disaster. Thank God everyone is in stable condition.”

Photo: New York Daily News

Yosef was wearing only a diaper and bawling when Brown carried him upstairs to cool down. He was suffering from heat exhaustion, and his mother reportedly had a history of asthma. The pair, which was in the first car that derailed, were both given oxygen once removed from the tunnel.

Brown is a 27-year-old from Long Island and has worked as an EMT at Harlem Hospital for three years, the Daily News reported.

Officials said they are still investigating what caused the derailment.