Rapper T.I. surprises single moms for Christmas
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Within 30 minutes, T.I. spent $20,000 at a Target store.

He wishes he could have showed up sooner, stayed longer and done even more for people.

T.I. surprised dozens of single mothers at a Georgia Target on Christmas, as seen in a video on his Instagram page. He purchased items for their children they may not have been able to buy themselves. One woman said she needed a coat for her child.

T.I. and his team in Target with a crowd of shoppers. Photo: Instagram

“All single mamas, if there’s something you need to get for your children, meet me in the back,” the Atlanta artist said in a video on his Instagram page. The video had more than one million views the day after Christmas.

The mothers loaded up on games, electronics and clothing.

The unsuspecting shoppers thanked T.I., who wished everyone a happy holiday upon his departure.

What a Merry Christmas these families had!