WATCH: Lactation Consultant’s Advice to Black Parents ‘Make a List’
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After facing her own breastfeeding struggles, Sierra Woods realized the lack of Black lactation professionals was an issue.

She already had an interest in lactation, so the healthcare professional and mother of two became an IBCLC in efforts to directly support Black parents in maternal and infant health through breastfeeding.

“I feel like the education does make a difference,” Woods said Monday in an Instagram Live video with Hey, Black Mom! Wednesday marks the start of Black Breastfeeding Week.

“You know better, you do better. Usually that’s how that goes. I do feel like it is making a world of difference.”

While Black women continue to have the country’s lowest breastfeeding initiation rate, Woods said she’s seeing an improvement and believes both new mothers and their families can benefit from more breastfeeding education.