Working out for two: 4 pregnancy-safe workouts for the summer
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As if growing a tiny human wasn’t stressful enough, pregnant women have to worry about the barrage of “no-nos” that come their way while expecting.

No coffee (oh boy). No unpasteurized cheese (gosh, really?). No alcohol (oh brother!).

No exercise?

Um, not quite.

As long as your doctor clears you to exercise throughout your pregnancy, there are many safe exercises you can do. Exercise has tremendous mental and physical benefits, so it isn’t a terrible idea to fit it in where you can.

If you’re expecting this summer, here are a few pregnancy-safe workouts you can try. Please remember to drink plenty of water for hydration, listen to your body, don’t push your limits and seek professional medical care or advice if necessary.


Swimming helps relieve that pesky ankle and foot pain. It can also mitigate morning sickness and any sciatic pain (discomfort along the sciatic nerve path that runs from your lower back through your hips and butt).

This exercise can improve the labor and delivery experience since you’d be maintaining muscle and tone.

Just stay away from hot tubs and avoid jumping into the water.


Run would be the operative word here, not race. When running, take your time and start slow. It is preferred that pregnant women run on a smooth track instead of bumpy, uneven terrain. It’s safer.

Be sure to invest in good running shoes to keep your feet comfortable. Wear a maternity band for support, especially as you enter the second and third trimesters.

Build up your stamina and, again, listen to your body. It’s OK to rest and take breaks.

Safe Ab Workouts

Believe it or not, planks are safe during pregnancy as long as you’re mindful of your limits and avoid straining.

Proper modifications of other light ab workouts with your doctor’s green light are fine.

Avoid full-on situps. You don’t want to do this kind of workout on your back.

Prenatal Yoga

This specialized yoga is designed with you in mind. It emphasizes breathing, stretching and strengthening moves that can help prepare you for labor.

The positions are modified for pregnancy and safe for those practicing yoga for the first time.