9 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home with Your Family
Reading Time: 3 minutes

This year may be another one when many families elect to celebrate the New Year within the comfort of their homes. 

If you’re one of these, don’t fret. There are several ways to have fun inside without stepping out on the town. 

Bringing in the New Year with the kiddos at home can be just as festive and imaginative.

Here are nine ways to do it (and don’t forget, video calling your family can be incorporated into any one of these activities): 

New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

This is a great opportunity for the arts and crafts lovers. Blow up balloons, hang streamers and get festive with New Year’s Eve decorations. Make it shine and sparkle. Gather a few photo props to really make the day stand out. 

Snap all the photos you can take to capture the fun. 

Paper Bag Pop

Fill a decorated paper bag with confetti, construction paper and other surprises and decor of your choice. When it’s time to countdown to the New Year, have your little ones blow into the bags to blow them up, make a wish and pop them as the clock strikes 12 (or whenever you do the countdown for the younger crowd)! 

Create a Time Capsule 

A time capsule is a great way to celebrate the good memories of a tough year. It’s easy to put together one with your children. Fill a box with meaningful items, photos, letters and more and seal it shut. You can either store it away for a few years, and have your children open them for a trip down memory lane. If you decide to bury your time capsule, make sure it’s in material that will not decompose. 

Prepare a Traditional New Year’s Eve Meal Together

Many Black households prepare black-eyed peas and greens around the New Year, as the meal represents good luck and prosperity. The tradition started when enslaved Black people prepared this food for Watch Night, the last night many families were together, so they hoped that it would bring them some good fortune. 

Our ancestors made do with what they had. 

Have your little helpers assist with stripping and cutting greens, washing the beans, seasoning the food or mixing the cornbread. It’ll make them proud to eat a meal they had a hand in, and many Black Americans take pride in the ancestral connection. 

Layla Sewell of Leimert Park in California is seen cooking with her children in 2020. Photo: latimes.com

Create a Vision Board 

More crafts for the little ones! Gather fun art tools and supplies, old magazines, writing utensils and more to create vision boards for the New Year. Ask your child what they want to accomplish in 2022, what they hope for and what they’re thankful for entering the New Year. 

This crafty exercise is a great way for your children to practice gratitude and goal setting. 

Early Countdown 

For those who have to be in bed by 8, set up an early countdown to celebrate with them before the big show. Set up a board with the numbers to count down from 10 or 20 (a great way to review numbers with the smaller babes). Or, queue up a countdown on your television or phone for them before bed. Let them have fun and make a little bit of noise to celebrate! 

Break out the Drinks

Sparkling cider of course. Get your kids engaged with the spirit of the holiday by serving them a sparkling juice beverage in a cute, child-appropriate cup. There are many festive “wine” cups. 

Throw in a few grapes or cut a fun, paper straw to add to the drink. And just like that, you’re ready to celebrate. 

Decorate a Silly Hats

Top hats are a fun representation of bringing in the New Year. Grab a few (or make your own) and pull out your best decorations – and don’t forget the gold accents. 

Have your little one glue the charms and glitter to their hats. Add the number 2022 for the finishing touch, and take pictures of the family in their unique hats. 

Light Sparklers

Fireworks often mark the beginning of a new year. Celebrate the light at home with a few sparklers. These mostly kid-friendly fireworks are fun and festive. It’ll give your family a reason to go outside while you celebrate New Year’s Eve indoors this year.