St. Louis Mother Receives Mixed Reviews After Gifting Children Vending Machine for Christmas
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Christmas is usually a day when many children open presents. They’re gifted toys, clothes and more for the holiday. 

But this year, Cierra Baker decided to give a gift that will keep on giving to her two school-aged children. 

She presented them with a vending machine as a means to “not handicap these kids and make their lives easy,” Baker wrote in a Facebook post

Many chimed in praising Baker’s choice to invest, some even dubbing her “mother of the year” and emphasizing how the move helps break generational curses. But others had criticism for the small business owner who runs a mobile boutique in St. Louis, Miss. 

“Now they gotta pretend to be happy about this while their friends stunt,” one Facebook user wrote in the comments. “i dont know what her kids did to deserve an ‘uneasy’ life but my babies will get the best from me.” 

Some people were concerned that kids should just be kids, especially around this time of year. Other users refuted that it’s never too early to set up financial security for your children. 

What are your thoughts on Baker’s Christmas gift? She hasn’t posted publicly on social media since her photo went viral on Christmas eve, but she’s proud of the present.