6 black dollmakers to shop this holiday season
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Black dollmakers are important as ever these days. I remember when my daughter was 3 — she was all too ready to swap her beautiful curls for hair like Elsa from Frozen.

So, it’s necessary to flood your content channels with dolls that look like our girls.

Representation matters, and here are a few small businesses where you can shop handmade and creative Black Girl Magic for the holiday season:

My Pretty Brown Doll

Photo: Etsy

The North Carolina-based shop allows you to customize your dolls from a buffet of choices. Start with your skin tone, hairstyle and outfit details. Owner Yolonda Jordan also shares tips, crochet patterns and merchandise.

Price range: $150-$185

Fancy Fancy Crochet

Fancy Fancy’s featured item is a Serena Williams doll! This custom dollmaker offers a variety of skin tones and hairstyles and also creates adorable purse charms.

Photo: Facebook

Price range: $135-$175

Size: 17-25 in.

Cute Little Crumb Snatchers

These battle-tested dolls help kids be kids for as long as they can. Using a combination of acrylic and cotton yarns, this shop offers a ton of variety when creating a custom doll.

Shop owner Vonda also sells patterns and a Little Crumb Snatchers coloring book! You can meet her in person at the Sugarloaf Arts Festival in her hometown of Washington D.C. on Dec. 6.

Price: Up to $185

Bren Handmade Keepsake Dolls

Handmade black ballerina doll with pink tutu
Photo: Harperlman.com

These little beauties are made from linen and stuffed with a polyester fiberfill. They are offered in a variety of sizes. The dolls’ clothing are all crafted from a combination of new and vintage cloth.

Price range: $98-$120

Size: 16-22 in.

My Kinda Thing

One of the most popular black dollmakers has a host of branding items from calendars to courses. My Kinda Thing periodically posts featured dolls and designs that are sold on Etsy.

Photo: My Kinda Thing Etsy shop

Shop owner Aniqua’s goal is to promote confidence among children of color.

Price range: up to $250

Izzie and Liv

This brand is about nurturing Black culture and confidence. Izzie and Liv’s line of adorable plush dolls lives up to that standard. Choose from several figures, representing a variety of arts and occupations.

One of the Izzie and Liv plush dolls. Photo: Izzieandliv.com

Price range: $22