Minnesota Mothers Outraged After Teacher Cuts Son’s Afro Without Permission
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Last week, Daetney and Tadow McReynolds’ 12-year-old son came home with a hat on his head.

He warned his mothers before taking it off that they’d be upset. Then, he removed his hat to reveal the afro he went to school with was gone.

The middle school student from Minneopolis, Minnesota, said a teacher cut his hair off with scissors.

His mothers were outraged, and now they’re seeking answers as to why an educator at Parnassus Preparatory Charter School cut their son’s afro without permission and without any subsequent communication about it.

“It was actually growing pretty well, actually he was thinking about all kinds of styles he wanted to do with it,” Daetney McReynolds said about her son, whose name is being concealed because of his age.

Apparently, he had a breakdown in the classroom and was angry.

His mother Tadow McReynolds said her told her “I was just mad and then my head was down and the teacher come over and said, ‘Let me fix it for you.'”

Both mothers said no one from the school called either one of them.

Tadow McReynolds took to social media and also expressed that there could have been a more sensible way to help the 12-year-old.

The local community rallied behind this family, including a local radio personality named William Baker who connected them with a barber.

Tadow McReynolds revealed her son’s new look in a Facebook video, also thanking supporters for springing into action.

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