This Instagram mom got it right in showcasing how beautiful all black hair can be
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There are dozens and dozens of social media pages dedicated to natural hair and kiddy curls, too — dozens. Hundreds! Racks…like racks on racks on racks.

While black hair textures across the board are featured on said pages, looser curl patterns seem to garner the majority of attention and admiration. Though many are on board with today’s Natural Hair Movement, let’s be honest, some hair textures are still on the back of the bus.

That’s why Melanin Mommy Shanillia does something special each time shares stunning styles of her daughters’ hair on her Instagram page; the two sisters have very different textures and their respective styles manage to showcase the beauty of black hair, all black hair.

Her older daughter, also named Shanillia, has a kinkier texture than the younger one, Janelle, who has a looser curl pattern. Both are displayed below.

Mommy Shanillia, a Surinamese woman living in the Netherlands, is clearly very talented, proven by how well she caters to the uniqueness of her girls. The unapologetically bold hairstyles highlight the beauty in the vast spectrum of natural hair. It’s absolutely beautiful, and not just physically.

The way she celebrates hair, and how she’s teaching her young daughters to embrace what they’ve been given, should be applauded. Shanillia obliterates the myth that only one natural hair texture can be beautiful.

Her Instagram page is FULL of love, motherhood, blackness and straight up slayage. And her babies: adorbs!

Be sure to check her out!