UK graduate honors mom who fled Somali Civil War for better life
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Ramla Tyrow did it all for her mother.

They arrived in the UK in 1999 after fleeing in the Somali Civil War. On Friday, Tyrow gained something her mother never could — an education.

The 2017 Middlesex University (London) graduate after the ceremony hugged her mom, who was overcome with tears when she saw her in her black cap and gown. The moment was captured in a Twitter post that warmed hearts across the world.

“My mum moved us here to give us a better future. Somalia wasn’t a very child-friendly place then,” Tyrow, 21, told the BBC. “Just after the ceremony, my mum told me how unbelievably proud she was that I was the first person in her family to graduate from university.”

Tyrow, a makeup artist, became the first on her mom’s side of the family to graduate from college. She obtained a degree in psychology and counseling.

And her post-graduation plans are real: “I want to grow, become my own person, be creative and just be myself.”